I was recently featured in a Canada.com article covering athletes and depression, furthering on the points I made for Bicycling magazine last year. Clara Hughes was also interviewed…. here’s an expert:

‘The two women also say the physical, mental and emotional extremes required to win an Olympic medal can attract a mirror personality.

“Sport is a world where you travel within a bubble,” Hughes says. “It’s really, in a lot of ways, very unhealthy and in a lot of ways, attracts personalities that are able to go to such incredible extremes. I know that I’m an example of that.

“The highs I was able to bring myself to emotionally, that would lead to the physical output . . . where I was able to go, I’m also able to go in terms of lows.”

“You can achieve great success, but at the same time there’s also the potential for you to crash and burn completely,” echoes Carleton. “There are a lot of athletes who are able to find that middle ground, but those like Clara for example, who have experienced a lot of success, there’s definitely a higher risk of getting into that high-low pattern.’

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